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Title: Snow in September
Rating: G
Fandom: Marvel Cinematic Universe
Characters: Wanda & Pietro Maximoff
Summary: The first snow of the year.
Warnings: fluff, snow (*LOL*)
Word Count: 148 words
Author's Notes: written on 16th September for 1_million_words; not beta'd, translated into English; I really didn't mean to write a story about snow but it just happened *LOL*

"Wanda?" Pietro whispered and nudged Wanda a bit. She opened her eyes and looked tired at Pietro. He smiled back. "Look," he said and nodded in the direction of the window. She rub the sleep out of her eyes and looked to the window. Her eyes were sparkling with joy and she hugged Pietro.

Then she just jumped up and wanted to run out of the room. But then Pietro just stopped her. "Put at least your shoes on," he said with a laughter and grabbed his shoes. Wanda also grabbed her shoes, slipped in them, opened the door and ran downstairs in a flurry of excitement. She jumped down the last steps, tore the door open and jumped outside the door - in the snow.

Pietro followed her. He paused at the door to watch Wanda running around all excited in the snow. Then he closed the door.


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